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In the area of Clairmont Road just off of Interstate 85, there is a concentration of Ethiopian restaurants. One of the largest, and routinely voted the best in all of Atlanta, is Desta Ethiopian Restaurant. Desta is located in a building that looks a bit like a house, with a large porch that offers lovely patio seating during warm weather. The interior also looks a bit like a house. The seating is close together, but the atmosphere is cozy and quaint. The real star of Desta, however, is the food. The menu isn’t large, but there is plenty to choose from. The menu also features definitions of Ethiopian food, which is found on the menu, as well as a few conversational Amharic words, which is a fun addition to the experience. Desta has a nice drink menu, which includes several Ethiopian beers and wines. We tried two of the beers and found both to be a wonderful addition to our meal. The menu has quite a few different options, both meat and vegetarian, but the signature entrees are the tibs, kitfo, and fir fir. Each of the dishes is somewhat customizable, so customers are able to choose different meats, sides, etc. We tried the lamb tibs and the fir fir, and both dishes were savory and mouthwateringly delicious. We had a lovely time slowly eating our food, sipping our Ethiopian beer, and conversing. We finally finished our meal, very full, and left satisfied. Desta is one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta, and we highly recommend trying this delectable Ethiopian restaurant.