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Right along the Czech Republic/Poland border is Czantoria Wielka, a mountain that is full of activities for visitors to partake in. For nature or adventure lovers, Czantoria Wielka is a must visit. There are a couple ways you can get up the mountain, including hiking all the way up from the bottom or riding the chair lift. Visitors can take in a relaxing ride up the mountain with nice views of the mountains and valleys. At the end of the chairlift, visitors can continue to hike up to the top of the mountain. The mountain is a bit of a strenuous hike, but definitely worth it, and at the top of the mountain there is a variety of food and drink options. After you re-energize on some tasty treats, you can climb up the observation deck on top of the mountain and experience stunning views. Venturing back down the mountain to where the chairlift ends, there is a luge that visitors can partake in. The luge was amazing and so much fun as you glided down a part of the mountain. For those who enjoy birds, there is also the opportunity to have a couple birds of prey perch on you-which was slightly terrifying, but a very unique opportunity. We visited during the summer, but during the winter there is the opportunity to ski. Visitors also have the chance to picnic and camp; however, if you want more of a hotel or lodge experience, there are several little towns in the area with cute restaurants and lodging. We spent the entire afternoon exploring and enjoying nature. Czantoria Wielka is a great place to visit for avid hikers or adventure seekers, as well as those who just want a relaxing afternoon in the mountains.