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Autrey Mill Nature Preserve is a small wooded area in Johns Creek, GA set aside as a place for residents and visitors alike to experience a bit of nature in a large suburban area. The small pocket of nature has about 2.5 miles of nature trails that criss cross and encircle the wooded area. The trails are mostly easy with only a few hills and slopes to traverse. There are several boardwalks and a creek that runs along part of the trail, making for an especially scenic part of the walk. In addition to the trails, the nature preserves a small visitor center with animal exhibits, books, and other information. There are also a few historic buildings situated around the visitor center, which you can peek into.autrey-mill-3

If you live in the area or just want a place to get away into nature for an hour or two, Autrey Mill Nature Preserve is a fun and relaxing place to see the trees and hear the birds chirping.