Recipe Week-Day 3

We enjoy making grilled cheese every 2-3 weeks, but we always like to put our own little twist on the sandwich. Most recently, we tried making grilled cheese with arugula, which we found so delicious that we felt we should share it.




Cheese of your choice




We sometimes butter the bread slices, but other times we use olive oil, which works well and is a healthier option. We usually use Colby jack or pepper jack cheeses, but you can use any number of other cheeses, especially if you want to emphasize the artisan part of the grilled cheese. We always add spices to our grilled cheese to put a little zing into the sandwiches; our favorite is Mt. Eolus Greek Seasoning from our local spice store, Savory Spice. Finally, we added some arugula and tomatoes to the top of the sandwich before putting another slice of bread on top. We always let the cheese melt a little and let the bottom piece of bread brown just a little before flipping the grilled cheese. We let the other piece of bread brown just a bit before taking the sandwiches off the stove and onto our plates, after which we have a delicious and refreshing meal.