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Carl Sandburg was an American writer and poet born in 1878 and was a popular voice of America throughout fifty years of the twentieth century. He wrote many notable works and won three Pulitzer Prizes. In 1945, he and his family moved to a farm in Flat Rock, North Carolina, a site that is now preserved by the National Park Service. Visitors are able to roam around the grounds of the farm, which offer a lush and peaceful atmosphere. There are still farm buildings on the grounds that visitors are able to walk in and out of, some holding the farm implements that used to be used on the farm, with others housing a few farm animals-we spent a bit of time occupied with a large gray cat. Visitors can also tour the house that Carl Sandburg used to live in with his family-the house usually contains the furniture that was used in the house, but the furniture is currently being restored, so there are exhibits inside the house that explain how the house was decorated. Carl Sandburg Home NHS provided a short but pleasant visit to rural North Carolina and a lovely bucolic setting.