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Cloudland Canyon State Park is located in northwestern Georgia, set amidst the Appalachian Mountains, and offers some of the best scenery we have found in Georgia. The north Georgia mountains are one of our favorite parts of Georgia and, while most of the north Georgia mountains are a bit further east, Cloudland Canyon still preserves a portion of the Appalachians. When visitors arrive, they can stop by the visitor center before driving on to the end of the park road. Visitors can walk to the edge of a canyon for a dramatic view down into the valley filled with trees before rising back up to the ridge on the other side. The mouth of the canyon opens, and visitors are treated to a beautiful view of the mountains, valleys, and ridges beyond.


Visitors can choose between a number of hikes, some of which circle the canyon for ever changing views of the canyon below and the mountains around and beyond. Other trails dip into the canyon itself, one of which we took to the canyon floor to two lovely waterfalls and the creek that flows through the bottom of the canyon. The hike is rather steep, but the views are well worth the burn in the legs.



After we returned from our hike, we wanted to drink in the views from the top for just a bit longer, so we set up our hammock to just stare out the mouth of the canyon. Cloudland Canyon is one of our favorite Georgia state parks for its breathtaking views and excellent hiking. Make sure to put Cloudland Canyon on your list of state parks to go to.