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Just a couple miles south of Helen, GA is Hardman Farm State Historic Site. The property is located along the Unicoi Turnpike that runs past the home and passes other historic sites, including Traveler’s Rest Historic Site. The farm is actually a rather extensive property filled with various farm buildings and several houses, including a very nice historic home that visitors can tour. To visit the grounds there is an entrance fee that is rather steep for historic homes, $12 per adult, but for those who are Georgia State Parks members you can get a small discount.  A tour starts promptly at the top of the hour, and please note that is the only tour time. We walked around the grounds and then went on the house tour. Since it is Christmas time, the house was beautifully decorated and filled with decorations. The home is well preserved and filled with a plethora of great pieces of furniture.


Besides the farm, the property also contains a Native American mound with a gazebo that was built on top by the owners of the farm. The mound with the gazebo is one of the most iconic images of all of Georgia. Visitors can’t actually go over to the mound, but there is a pull off where you can step out and capture a photo. We had a nice time exploring the historic site and learning more about the history of Georgia.