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One of the best known Georgia State Parks, and for good reason, is Tallulah Gorge State Park. The park is located in the northeastern corner of Georgia and, as the name would indicate, the centerpiece of the park is a gorge carved out by the Tallulah River. The river cuts through a rock formation made up of quartzite called the Tallulah Dome, creating a series of waterfalls that cascade through the steep walls of the gorge. All around, trees pack closely together and make the walls of the gorge seem even closer together. Unfortunately, the water levels that move through the gorge are controlled by a dam now, but the gorge itself was naturally carved by the Tallulah River.


The park has several hiking trails that offer dramatic views of the gorge and several of its waterfalls. Both the north rim and south rim have trails running along the ledge. At about the midpoint of the gorge, there are steep staircases on either side leading to a suspension bridge that crosses the gorge. The park also offers permits that allow visitors to explore the bottom of the gorge; if you want a permit though, you must be there early as the park only gives out one hundred per day. For those wanting to hike around the gorge, make sure to check the park map to see where the best places are to see the waterfalls in the gorge.

Tallulah Gorge is one of the more stunning natural features in Georgia, although the number of people that visit corresponds to that fact. We found moving around a bit difficult, but we enjoyed getting to see the waterfalls flowing through the gorge and the beautiful scenery all around.