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This year for Margaret’s annual Christmas party, the theme was Winter Wonderland, so the focus was on snowflakes, nature, and silver glistening. Please see the attached to help create your very own winter wonderland!


Decoration 1:

Baked pine cones in a beautiful glass bowl.

Decoration 2:

Snow covered mason jars.


We had a variety of food options including “snow-covered” pretzels, nut varieties, a cheese and sausage platter, “snow-covered” popcorn, and pretzels. Additionally, we made a few wintery treats including snowy cake pops, pretzels dipped in white chocolate, and sugar cookies with white frosting and blue sprinkles. The wintery plates and napkins were the perfect touch. We also had a crockpot full of little smokies!

Most of the food or decorations we did was super easy, and requires only laying it out on a platter or placing it in a bowl, making this an easy set-up so we could spend more time with friends and families leading up to the event. We enjoyed our winter wonderland, and our guests seemed to as well!