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Atlanta use to have many distilleries around the city, but prohibition shuttered them all, and none re-opened after prohibition was repealed. It was not until 2014 that a distillery finally opened in the city again. Old 4th Distillery is located in a beautiful old brick building in the historic Old 4th Ward neighborhood of Atlanta, just a few blocks from the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site. As you walk into the distillery, you enter the tasting room. The brick continues into the inside, and there are shelves lining the walls with liquor containers from the turn of the century-they are remnants from the last Atlanta distillery. While you’re in the tasting room, ask to use the restroom-you’ll get to venture through a prohibition-esque bookshelf to the bathroom beyond. Tours begin on the hour, so plan your visit accordingly. After waiting for a bit in the tasting room, we began our tour with a sample of Old 4th’s vodka, which is made with cane sugar, giving a very sweet taste to the liquor and leaving only pure distilled water as waste. We made our way back to the distillery and were given a nice description of the distillation process. The distillery is rather handsome with shiny metal and copper kettles against the old red brick walls. After the tour, we went back to the tasting room and sampled Old 4th’s gin, a flavorful and bright liquor. We also sampled a lemon liquor and a two year old bourbon that won’t be released to the public for another two years. We enjoyed all of the alcohol we sampled; so much so that it was tough to pick a favorite. Overall, we had a great time at Old 4th Distillery.