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This week we decided to focus on a few Atlanta date locations and we have come to the end of our week, but we thought we would finish with a classic date night-a dinner date. We are excited to share this location with you as it has been one of the most pleasant dinner dates we have had. Basil’s Restaurant & Tapas Bar is located in Buckhead, making it centrally located for the entire metro Atlanta area. We visited Basil’s during Buckhead Restaurant Week, which we highly recommend as we were able to have several courses at a discounted price. Basil’s has a nice outdoor seating area and we opted to sit outside and enjoy the patio. Although Basil’s is known for it’s tapas we actually had several other dishes, which were absolutely incredible! Each dish that was brought out, was beautifully laid out and looked like a piece of art. We both started with the Caprese Salad, and found it to be extremely refreshing and flavorful. Margaret had the Tagliatelle and we both agree it may have been the best dish either of us had ever tasted. We highly recommend it! Our meal was accompanied by a delicious red wine, the Malbec a part of the Kaiken Reserve from Argentina-we loved it! Our meal was finished off with some enchantingly sweets desserts, including the dark chocolate mousse with fresh berries  and tiramisu. The whole meal was absolutely delicious and the service decent. We found found Basil’s to be a true dining out experience  and somewhere we would definitely return.