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Canaveral National Seashore is located just east of Orlando on the eastern coast of Florida. The seashore is located on a barrier island north of the famed Kennedy Space Center. There are some nice small hikes in the park that feature some of the other aspects of the park, such as a lagoon, a coastal hammock, or shell middens made by Timucuan Indians, but the centerpiece of the park, of course, is the beach. The entire seashore is undeveloped, so visitors are able to walk up and down the pristine beaches without worrying about concessionaires or buildings. The beaches themselves are beautiful barrier island seashores with soft colored sand that covers the beach and leads up to the waving grasses on the small dunes at the top of the beach. We recommend just strolling along the beach, trading glances between the waves, the beach, and the dunes. Pay attention to the many different sea birds that frequent the seashore-we found watching the wading birds especially fun as they scuttled to the edge of the ocean and then scuttled back as the water flowed up the beach. We enjoyed our time at Canaveral and found the seashore peaceful and beautiful, but we do recommend some caution. Even though the seashore is a national park site, it is public land, so clothing is technically optional at the beach. As a result, certain sections of the National Seashore often are host to nudists. If you aren’t interested in this aspect of the beach, check with a park ranger to make sure you stay away from those areas.