We try to have meat only a couple times a week, so we try to get creative with non-meat options. The Savory Spice Peruvian Chile Lime Spice really makes this recipe, so we highly recommend it.


-Olive oil

-Corn or flour tortilla

-Grain (Rice any color, barley, quinoa, bulgar, etc. will work)

-1/2 of red, green, yellow, and orange pepper

-1/2 medium Red onion

-Garlic seasoning

Savory Spice Peruvian Chile Lime Spice

-Shredded cheese (whatever kind you prefer)

Begin cooking the grain, and while that is cooking, heat up olive oil and add garlic seasoning in a separate pan. Next, chop the peppers and red onion. Add the onions, peppers, and Savory Spice Peruvian Chile Lime Spice. Once the grain is cooked, add it to the pan and add additional Peruvian Chile Lime Spice to taste. Then, place the food veggie grain mix into a tortilla (we recommend corn), and sprinkle cheese on top. You are left with a delicious veggie taco that is incredibly flavorful!