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We recently visited Nashville for a wedding and, like Atlanta, Nashville has a burgeoning craft beer scene with a growing number of local breweries. One of these breweries is The Black Abbey, which brews Belgian-style beers and is named after the residence of famous reformer Martin Luther. Martin Luther’s wife was well-known for her beer brewing, and The Black Abbey uses this story as the inspiration for its brewery. The brewery is located in an industrial building just south of downtown Nashville. The brewery is open throughout, so you can see the brewing equipment from the tasting room, which is set off to the side of the large building. The tasting room is small and simple, but contains some nice church accessories, such as old pews and hymn boards, as well as a little reading nook with some theology books.


We got a large tasting flight, so we got to sample thirteen of their beers. Most of the beers were brewed to style and were Belgian; our favorite was The Rose, a Belgian style blonde ale, but we enjoyed all of The Black Abbey’s beers and thought they did a good job of representing many of the styles they brewed. We enjoyed our visit to The Black Abbey, and we certainly suggest paying a visit to the brewery if you are in Nashville.