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A simple but elegant decoration that you can add to any home is taking natural elements and incorporating them into your home design. One of our favorite natural elements to add to our home is pine cones. Pine cones  are abundant in Georgia making it an easy addition. We find a variety of sizes which can add character and layers to your decoration. Once we find some pine cones we bake them in the oven to get rid of the bugs that may be lurking inside. Please see the attached photos for examples of ways to bring pine cones into your home, as well as a few other natural touches.


These little pine cones below were discovered in the North Georgia mountains while on a hike, and the candles are from Ikea.

We discovered the pine cone when we were walking home from work. The pine cone is sitting on a tree platter from Target. The sides are still the rough tree bark, but the top is smooth and nicely finished.


These pine cones were also discovered on the walk home, and we placed them within a Dad’s Cookies cookie jar. Dad’s Cookies is a a famous south city St. Louis cookie shop that we adore.


We enjoy both real pine cones and our beautiful little pine cone shaped candles. Our großeltern (grandparents) purchased these gems for us when we were driving through the mountains in the countryside of New York near the Catskill Mountains. The lantern is from Ikea, and one of our favorite pieces.


If you love the natural look as much as we do, we recommend stopping by Ikea and picking up this “wood” candle.