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Košice, Slovakia is not a well-known city, but perhaps should become a must visit on your next European adventure. The city is one of the largest cities in Slovakia and located on the eastern side of Slovakia, creating a lovely backdrop of mountains and a river view. Košice remained relatively unscathed throughout both World Wars, making it a beautifully preserved city with a wide range of incredible architecture. For those who value history, architecture, and culture, the city of Košice will not disappoint.

A focal point at the center of the city is the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth that hosts church services, ornate architecture, and a tower for visitors to hike up and explore.


 The tower has a winding staircase and leads visitors to an incredible view of the city.


Surrounding the city center is a variety of shops, lavish designed buildings, and a nice fountain known as the singing fountain.


At the center of the city is also the state theater, which is a lovely decorated building and hosts a variety of events, including an opera we visited that was phenomenal.


The city also is home to a zoo, botanical garden, and a variety of small museums. Unlike places like London, Paris, or Rome that are bustling with tourists, Košice and other cities in Slovakia have only a few small groups of tourists. Additionally, Slovakia has remained extremely inexpensive, and both hotels and restaurants are affordable in comparison to other European cities and the United States. There is a wide variety of restaurants, providing a diverse range of cuisine, as well as a plethora of options to partake in some phenomenal Slovak cuisine. The best part of visiting the city of Košice though is simply walking around and taking in the fantastic views and architecture. The city of Košice provides visitors the opportunity to experience Slovak culture in a relaxed and beautiful environment.