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The Iberian Pig is an up-scale Spanish-American restaurant located on Decatur Square specializing in Spanish meats, cheeses, tapas, and wine. The restaurant has a lovely white facade with lots of large windows and a nice outside seating area. The interior is warm and bright but, since it was such a nice day out, we elected to sit on the patio. Our waitress promptly greeted us, conversed with us, and was quite friendly, which stood out to us since such an experience is not always the norm in Atlanta. Our waitress was also helpful in explaining many of the dishes and making recommendations, which was welcome since there are so many options at The Iberian Pig.


We decided to get a variety of tapas and split each plate between the two of us. The small plate list can be a bit overwhelming, but we narrowed our order down to four: the venison carpaccio, roasted quail, lamb stuffed piquillo peppers, and the Iberico Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Each dish was artfully crafted with fresh ingredients. The venison carpaccio came with a delicious salad with thinly sliced venison. The roasted quail was wrapped in bacon with melted cheese and vegetables on top. The lamb in the peppers was mixed with goat cheese, and the Mac ‘n’ cheese was a modern, artisan take on a traditional dish. All of the dishes were delightful, but we especially enjoyed the quail and the mac ‘n’ cheese. We drank a nice glass of wine with our dinner and were quite satisfied when we were finished.


The Iberian Pig was not just a dinner, but a dining experience. Our service was impeccable and, as we ate our food and drank our wine, we were almost transported to Spain. The Iberian Pig has been one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta both for the quality of its food, its atmosphere, and its service. We highly recommend trying The Iberian Pig.