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A little town we visited for a recent wedding was Franklin, TN. The town is known for its southern charm and quaint little downtown that is filled with small boutiques, shops, and restaurants. Franklin is located southeast of Nashville, so for those living in or visiting Nashville, Franklin might be a nice little day trip. The main downtown square is a roundabout and looks somewhat like an old western town, and directly off the square is the main strip for visitors to explore. We walked into several stores, and there was a variety of clothing stores, specialty stores, and stores filled with decorations for the home, with a reoccurring theme of the south and Tennessee particularly. We visited a local coffee shop right off of the main strip called the Frothy Monkey. We had selected the Frothy Monkey simply because we liked the name, but the coffee did not disappoint. The coffee was quite tasty, and they offered a plethora of flavors, including some unique flavors such as banana. The Frothy Monkey also offered a variety of treats and pastries to get either in the cafe or to go. We spent the rest of our time just walking in and out of the shops and exploring the little town.


Just outside of Franklin is the town of Cool Springs, and we visited their own local brewery named after the town itself called Cool Springs Brewery. Cool Springs Brewery is a local brew pub that offers a wide range of food and brews. We went with a very large group, and the brewery was extremely accommodating and helpful. The reason we initially selected the brew pub was because most of our party enjoys craft brews and the menu was so large and diverse. Cool Springs’ food menu was so expansive there really was something for everyone, and the food was quite tasty as well. Besides the food, the beers were well done. We have discovered that brew pubs often offer pretty solid beer that isn’t perhaps overly experimental, but just well done beer that is a little playful and makes either a great addition to any meal or worth a trip all by itself.