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A small state park in the northeastern portion of the state is Moccasin Creek State Park. The park is located in Clarkesville, GA and is in between Atlanta, GA and the North Carolina border, making it perhaps a perfect stopping point along the way to get out and stretch your legs. The park is known primarily for the abundance of fishing that it offers, but the park also offers camping and hiking. We went on the small nature trail that was quite delightful, minus the raging gnats. The hike involved a wooded area, fields, and a creek with small waterfalls along the path. We didn’t camp, but it appeared like a nice camping spot as the camping was situated along the waterfront. Moccasin Creek is also known for being near a trail head of the Appalachian Trail, so for those planning on hiking a stretch of the Appalachian Trail, Moccasin Creek State Park may be a good starting point to camp out and then hit the trail!

Note: The park is not open during the winter months, so plan accordingly.