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While craft beer and breweries have been growing in popularity for years, craft ciders are a more recent trend. Some breweries have started making their own cider, but cideries-establishments formed exclusively to make cider-are also growing in popularity. Urban Tree Cidery, located just north of Midtown, is Atlanta’s first cidery. The cidery is in a modern building, but made with plenty of natural and recycled materials, such as wood planks, rocks, and old palettes. Because of the natural materials, the cidery is warm and inviting, but still sleek.

Despite the lovely interior, the cider from Urban Tree might be even better than the cidery’s environment. Urban Tree currently has three ciders that they distribute, but they had a plethora of other ciders available at the cidery. We sampled all three of their standard ciders, the original, the classic, and the barrel-aged, a cider aged in rum barrels. The original and classic were both tasty, but the barrel-aged was a true treat for the taste buds. In addition to these three, we also got to try a cider infused with hops, a peach cider, and a ginger and habanero cider. While it isn’t for everyone, we enjoy the taste of hops, so we thought the cider infused with hops was also delicious.


We enjoyed our visit to Urban Tree and would recommend a visit. It’s a fun, relaxing environment that offers tasty drinks and would be perfect for hanging out with friends, family, or your significant other.