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A little state park south of Atlanta is Indian Springs State Park. The park is unique like each state park, but for some, Indian Springs is particularly special as it is said to contain mineral water. Indian Springs mineral water is believed by the Creek Indians to heal those suffering from ailments, by drinking the water and even today people visit the state park to sip the waters. We tried the water and we didn’t feel better and it tasted strongly of minerals. Perhaps the water doesn’t resolve the common headache. Whether or not the legend is true, it lives on today and there were those who were filling up the on the water by the gallon full.

Indian Springs although known for its mineral water, also offers the basic attractions of most Georgia State Park, including, hiking, boating, swimming, fishing, camping, and even a small museum on the Creek Indians. We went on a short hike and explored the state park. The hike was scenic as it weaved in and out along the creek, leading eventually to the main waterway. The trail was slightly sloped, making for a nice hike. There were few visitors other than those who were filling up on mineral water or boating on the lake, making it a peaceful getaway. Although small, the state park was a nice place to visit and was perfect combined with Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site and High Falls State Park.