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We live in the North Druid Hills neighborhood and it is probably our favorite neighborhood in Atlanta. The neighborhood has a plethora of local shops, but it is also much more relaxed and low-key than other popular neighborhoods that are nearby, such as Virginia Highlands or downtown Decatur. Additionally, you are centrally located in Atlanta to get anywhere fairly quickly (or as fast as you can in Atlanta). The neighborhood is also covered in beautiful trees, allowing you to feel a little more peaceful in a city setting. We recently discovered another little gem-Kittredge Park & Elwyn John Wildlife Sanctuary. The two parks are situated right next to one another and offer a great opportunity to get in a small hike without traveling far out of the city. Kittredge Park has a pool and baseball fields, which is great for playing a pick-up game of soccer. The entrance to Elwyn John Wildlife Sanctuary is within Kittredge Park and from the entrance there are several small trails that run through the park. There is a rather sizeable hill/small mountain in the park, making it ideal for avid hikers to go on a small hike even when they aren’t able to get to the mountains, or those who just want to just get out and get a little fresh air and exercise. We have started visiting the park quite frequently and typically there is only a couple other people there allowing you to really feel like you got out of the city. Often when we have visited parks in Atlanta there are people everywhere, but Elwyn John Wildlife Sanctuary allows us to really be on our own. There is also a small river that runs through and we have read there is a waterfall; however, we are experiencing a terrible drought right now and water levels are exceedingly low so the waterfall is still a mystery to us. Although the park boasts being a wildlife sanctuary we haven’t seen to many critters other than an abundance of squirrels, the occasional small bird, and we spotted a red-tailed fox once! The adjacent parks have become one of our favorite destinations in Atlanta as they allow us to quickly, and easily, get out in nature without commuting to the mountains. For those living near or visiting the North Druid Hills neighborhood, Kittredge Park and Elwyn John Wildlife Sanctuary are a nice reprieve from the city.