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Christmas is approaching, and each year we decorate in a slightly different way. A centerpiece for each Christmas celebration in our home is an advent wreath. This is a simple wreath that is natural and beautiful.

Items Needed:

-Boughs of Christmas Tree

-Hot Glue Gun & Sticks

-Circular Metal Wire (You can purchase them or just use an old coat hangar)

-5 Candles


Start by heating up the glue gun. While the glue gun heats up, if you don’t have a pre-made metal circle, form a metal wire, such as a coat hangar, into a circle. Begin gluing the boughs onto the wire, and then continue to layer and spread out the boughs onto one another to create a full, beautiful wreath. We then created a festive bow and glued it on for the final touch. Set the candles on top of the boughs and you are left with a beautiful advent wreath to celebrate the Christmas season.