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Savory Spice is our favorite, local spice store.  We have mentioned it several times before, and thus we felt it deserved it’s very own highlight on our living scrapbook of life. The spice store is located in Virginia Highlands at the center of all the hustle and bustle, creating the ideal location for an afternoon of shopping. Within the store is obviously a wide selection of spices, but the reason Savory Spice is so great is their blend of spices. Savory Spice hosts a massive range of spices that are pre-blended to create tasteful additions to any dish. Our personal favorites are the Jamaican Jerk, Mt. Eolus, Homestead, Oregon Trail Juniper, and Boheamian Forest. The blends perfectly compliment the other flavors and Savory Spice even offers suggestions for pairings of spices and food. Additionally, the employees are very helpful and friendly, assisting you in any recipe you are planning on making. We love Savory Spice and frequent the spice shop often. Savory Spice can help turn your everyday meal into a masterpiece!