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As we have noted on our blog before, Atlanta is actually close to several state parks and wilderness areas, making it easy for Atlantans to get out of the city and enjoy the serenity that nature offers. One such area is Sweetwater Creek State Park, which is only fifteen miles from Atlanta. The centerpiece of the state park, as the name suggests, is the rather wide creek that flows through the park. One of the main activities at the park, and the one we chose to do, is a hike that follows Sweetwater Creek to the ruins of an old textile mill along it. The area along the creek is lovely-you’re able to see the rapids in the creek, and there is even a small island close enough to the trail that you can hop onto it to explore. The ruins are an interesting site, and they also happen to have been one of the filming sites for The Hunger Games movie.


Many people choose to turn back at the ruins, but we decided to hike the loop trail that extends beyond it. The trail follows the creek for awhile, before heading up bluffs that overlook the creek. The creek and trees were just as beautiful, but we were able to enjoy them in solitude. It began to get dark, so we had to rush through the last third of the hike, but it continues through the forest and through some fields until winding its way back to the parking lot. We enjoyed our time at the park, and it remains one of our favorite Georgia state parks for its charm and beauty.