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Another Virginia Highland eatery that we have visited and found quite enjoyable is Press & Grind. The little cafe is located in the heart of Virginia Highlands and is, as the name suggests, a local coffee shop. Press & Grind is less than a year old, making it a newer addition to the neighborhood and perhaps your new coffee destination. We visited after church, and it was the perfect walking distance, making for a lovely relaxed Sunday afternoon. The interior is clean, modern, sleek, and somewhat cozy with the exposed wooden beams and pops of color that stand out among the overall grays and whites of the room. Press & Grind offers a wide selection of coffee, but also provides visitors with a large array of food, from breakfast options to sandwiches, as well as a plethora of sweets. We both enjoyed our food (delicious muffins) and found the coffee to be quite tasty. Press & Grind is somewhere we would definitely visit again whether for a quick stop or to sit and hang out.