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For those who haven’t previously read any of our North Georgia winery blogs, North Georgia is full of vineyards, bringing a delightful wine country to the South. Another Georgia winery that we both enjoyed was Serenity Cellars. Serenity is located in Cleveland, GA near Yonah Mountain Vineyards and CeNita Vineyards, making it a great addition to a wine trip. The winery is situated among the mountains and offers nice views to take in while you sip a glass of wine. The building itself is a beautiful stone building, with a nice outdoor seating area. For Serenity, the focus is on the outside seating area, as the inside is small, but cozy. We visited with a couple friends and participated in a tasting. We always recommend taking part in a tasting because you can try a wider range of the wines they offer and then purchase a glass or a bottle to enjoy. Serenity offers a range of red, whites, and a couple of roses. Our favorite was the La Familigia, which had vibrant vanilla and pepper notes. We found their wines to be good for a casual dinner. Serenity Cellars has a decent selection of wines, that make a nice addition to any weekend wine trip.