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Arches Brewing is a new brewery in Hapeville, which is located only a few minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The brewery is located in a warehouse building, but the interior is actually rather warm with quite a few brick and dark wood accents throughout the building. The bar itself is reminiscent of a European pub. Arches also has a large patio area in the back of the building-we enjoyed ourselves in two large, Adirondack-style chairs in a secluded area of the back (although it was probably secluded partly because of the misting rain that would periodically fall).

Arches advertises its beers as old world styles that are brewed for modernity. A quick scan of its beers revealed that this was an apt description-the tap list the day we went was filled with classic styles such as lagers, pilsners, hefeweizens, Belgian ales, and traditional stouts. Only a couple of the beers featured additional ingredients or unique twists on the older styles. In a world full of ever expanding varieties of beers, such straight-forward interpretations of the styles can actually be arresting. We found Arches to have some good examples of the traditional styles, and we enjoyed our visit overall, so we recommend checking out one of the few Atlanta breweries south of the city.