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This week, we will have a “brewery” week, featuring five of the breweries in the Atlanta area. These five breweries are only a small portion of the breweries in Atlanta, so check out our other blog posts on Atlanta breweries.

Wild Heaven Craft Beers is one of our favorite Atlanta breweries. We have had several of their beers before, but hadn’t been to the brewery yet, so we finally decided to check it out. The brewery is located in Avondale Estates and is in an unassuming brick building that has been painted a light orange. As you look through the windows of the building, however, you can see barrels lining the walls, a hint of what’s to come. The interior of the building is very industrial, with concrete floors and plenty of exposed pipes and brewing equipment.

Wild Heaven’s beers are Belgian-inspired, although they also branch out to include a variety of other beers. We have yet to have a Wild Heaven beer that isn’t good, but we’ll highlight a few that we have found particularly enjoyable. Wild Heaven describes their Emergency Drinking Beer as a hybrid between a pilsner and a gose. We find it to taste like a light gose, which makes for a very refreshing, drinkable beer. The White Blackbird, a saison, is similarly refreshing, and the floral and fruit flavors make for a very tasty treat, especially during the hot Atlanta summers. As the numerous barrels in the building indicate, Wild Heaven also has barrel aged beers on tap, along with a few that they bottle, if you enjoy more specialty beers.

Wild Heaven’s beers are easily found throughout Atlanta, and you would do yourself quite a favor by giving some of them a try. Even moreso, go to Wild Heaven’s tasting room to try several of their beers. You won’t regret checking out Wild Heaven.