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With a small group of friends we have started a tradition of going once a month to a new restaurant that offers us a new cuisine experience. We are calling the evenings out “cultural nights,” and it allows us to try different food from around the world since we are fortunate to live in a city with a rather diverse population and a lot of recent immigrants. We have been to a couple places now, and each time has been a fun way to try new food and hang out. Initially, we attempted to go to a Georgian (the country) or Armenian restaurant; however, it appears the United States has a very small immigrant population from these countries, so we researched Azerbaijan, and again fell short. The next closest cultural cuisine was Persian, and Atlanta actually boasts several Persian restaurants, but they are quite pricey. We stumbled across Ameer’s Mediterranean Grill, which was conveniently located in the center of all of us, and decided to give it a try since it came up under the category “Persian.”

Ameer’s Mediterranean Grill is located on Briarcliff, at the intersection of Lavista, right next to Marco’s Pizza and across the street from Thai Chili. Ameer’s is a rather small building with plain booths and tables, but beautiful paintings that cover the entire walls on both sides. They had a delicious array of options, and we each ordered something different, but were all as equally satisfied with our choices. Ameer’s also has a few classic “American” dishes, so if you go with friends who don’t feel like trying Mediterranean, there are options for them as well. We all found our food to be quite tasty and thoroughly enjoyed both our meals and the overall experience.  Ameer’s is a more low-key vibe, making it a great place to grab some delicious Mediterranean food without breaking the bank, plus the portions were plentiful. We definitely recommend stopping by Ameer’s for a wonderfully tasty dinner.