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As we continue to explore the North Georgia vineyards, we are continually pleasantly surprised and impressed by the quality of wine. CeNita is located in Cleveland, GA near Yonah Mountain Vineyards. The winery has only six wines, but each of them were quite tasty and, for CeNita, the emphasis is definitely quality over quantity. Our favorite was the CeNita Red, but we don’t think you could go wrong with any other of their wines. The winery is perched on top of a hill that overlooks the mountains. Since CeNita is a little farther south, the mountains are not as grand in size, but they provide onlookers with the opportunity to view both the valley below, as well as the smaller mountains, creating different views than perhaps other wineries, but equally beautiful. The tasting room is small, with a European-esque Mediterranean decor, with warm hues and classic furniture with wrought iron. There is a small tasting bar and then a couple of couches and high tables for guests to enjoy a glass at. Additionally, outside there are several tables to sip your wine and engage in the mountain air and views. CeNita provided us with an afternoon of relaxation, quality wine, and a peaceful environment.