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Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most enigmatic writers in United States history. Known for his dark, thrilling, and mysterious short stories, Edgar Allan Poe was also a tragic figure. The Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site in Philadelphia documents Poe’s life and provides visitors a look at the house he lived in during his time in Philadelphia. Visitors can tour Poe’s house, a modest brick structure, to see where Poe lived and wrote. Throughout the house there are plaques to help guide visitors and inform them of what the house may have looked like when Poe lived there. Poe enjoyed growing fame while he lived in this house, although he was still not paid well and lived a meager life. Unfortunately, it was also where Poe’s wife died of tuberculosis. As a result, the house is a perfect microcosm for Poe’s celebrated writings but tragic personal life. The site also includes a small visitors’ center with exhibits on Poe’s tragic life, as well as a reading room, where visitors can read Poe’s short stories or listen to them on CD.