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A popular trend that has been popping up on Pinterest and the crafting world in the last couple of years is etched glass. There are simple ways you can make etched glass within your own home. After a few unsuccessful attempts, we finally managed to partake in the crafty trend ourselves.

Items Needed:

-Glass (we used wine glasses)

-Armour Etch

-Foam brush

-Adhesive Stencil Film (Martha Stewart brand)

-Cutting mat

-Craft knife

For a wedding gift we sketched out the first letter of each of their names on the adhesive stencil film with the cutting mat and craft knife. Next we placed the adhesive stencil film letters on the wine glasses. Then, using the foam brush, we placed the Armor Etch on the glass and let it sit for awhile (30ish minutes). Next we rinsed off the Armour Etch and pulled off the adhesive stencil film. Afterwards, we tied on a cute twine ribbon and placed them in our decorated giftboxes!