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A lot of our craft ideas involve taking something small and using something simple to make it more personal, elegant, and eye-catching. We’ve started following this practice with our gift wrapping to nice effect. Whenever we have something difficult to wrap, instead of just placing it in a gift bag with some tissue paper, we have begun sticking the item in a shoebox-like container. Rather than wrapping the whole box, however, we wrap the top and the bottom individually, creating a lovely gift box that can be reused.

Items needed:


Wrapping paper of your choice




You wrap the shoebox the same way you would any other gift, you just have to adjust things a little since one side of the box is open. Cut a piece large enough to fit the box. Then, fold two opposing sides to cover the sides of the box. You’ll have to cut slits in the wrapping paper so that the paper can fold over the lip of the box. Tape the paper to the inside of the box. Fold the corners onto the sides of the box that are not yet covered, then cover the sides of the box, again folding the paper over the lip of the box. Do the same for the lid of the box, and you’ll have an easy way to make your next gift just a bit more elegant.