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Torched Hop Brewing Company is one of the newest breweries to Atlanta. It’s located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta just four or five blocks away from the Fox Theatre and the Bank of America Plaza. The brewery is located in an old brick building, but the brewery’s atmosphere bridges the gap between old and new. The walls are exposed brick from the building, the ceilings are an old loft with wooden planks, the railings are ornately crafted, and the tables and chairs are made of beautiful wood. However, the booths are bright orange, the space is bright and warm but filled with the stainless steel of the brewery implements, and the space is filled with modern artwork. All of this makes for a fun and inviting area in which to enjoy a beer.


Torched Hop functions as a brewpub, so they also serve food. Since Torched Hop is a brewpub, it is also able to get around the stringent Georgia beer laws and serve beer as you would find in a normal bar. Torched Hop serves an artisan menu of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and pizzas, all of which are made of quality ingredients. We enjoyed the caprese pizza while we were there and found it to be an excellent meal.


We were also able to sample a selection of Torched Hop’s beers and found them to be good beers. While we don’t normally enjoy smoked porters, we found Torched Hop’s Sherman’s Wrath to be quite tasty. After visiting and tasting their beers, we’re excited to see what else Torched Hop brews.


Our visit to Torched Hop was an enjoyable one, and we both agreed that Torched Hop, more than any other brewery in Atlanta, feels most like a bar that you could hang out in and enjoy some beer and company for several hours, rather than other Georgia breweries where you have to worry about drinking all your samples in only 2-3 hours. We recommend checking out Torched Hop, especially if you’d like to catch up with some friends for a few hours over a pint or two.