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Santee State Park is located in Santee, SC, which is only a little bit over an hour outside of Charleston. When we visited Charleston we stayed at Santee State Park to explore a little bit more of the South Carolina natural landscape and have a cheaper place to stay. We often camp when we visit new places and end up saving a fortune that way. A lot of family and friends always mention how we are always on the go and ask how we manage that, so we always encourage them to camp because it has been integral in providing us the opportunity to explore so much.

Santee provided us with the opportunity to explore Charleston, but Santee itself was a fun state park. The park is located on Marion Lake, and we were able to have a campsite right next to the lake, creating beautiful morning and evening views. Before we left to head to Congaree National Park we went hiking at Santee, and it provided us with a morning full of adventure! The trail had several natural sinkholes, an alligator, and flooded cypress forests, making for an exciting trail. Santee did not disappoint and provided us with a great opportunity to explore both the natural world and historic Charleston.