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We are excited to talk about one of our favorite Atlanta eateries, Der Biergarten, which translates to “the beer garden.” Both coming from rather Germanic families and a love of German food and cultures (as well as beer), Der Biergarten is one of our favorite places in Atlanta. In general Atlanta is not necessarily a hot spot for German attractions or food since few Germans immigrated here in comparison to other places like St. Louis or upper state Pennsylvania, but Der Biergarten allows you to experience a little bit of Deutschland even in Atlanta. The restaurant helps to bring an “authentic” German experience, with exceptionally made cuisine in a very German fashion. Der Biergarten is located in downtown Atlanta near some iconic attractions, including, but not limited to, Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca Cola, CNN Studios, and Centennial Olympic Park.

The restaurant is perched up a level off the street, and you walk up stairs to a nice outdoor seating area. The outdoor patio can be enlarged when the adjacent room’s wall is lifted up, allowing you to experience both indoor/outdoor seating and then an additional indoor seating area for those wanting to partake in a more formal dining experience. Der Biergarten has a wide range of German food including some classics such as a giant pretzel, potato salad, wurst, and strudel. For those with a German background and crave to experience a bit more of Germany, you can sample dishes such as a wurst plate, leberkase, or various schnitzels! Then, to top it off, you can sip a delicious German beer, or two.We both found the food to be quite good and enjoyed our experience at Der Biergarten.

Event Alert: Der Biergarten also offers an Oktoberfest celebration that starts up this weekend, so you can enjoy tasty German treats and listen to a little oom-pah music!