This came about more because we were in a desperate need to go to the grocery store and we had very few options. We had a bunch of yellow squash, beer, and onions. Well, the beer can’t be a staple of the meal, so we were left with yellow squash and onions. So this sweet veggie dish emerged, and we definitely found it delicious!


-Olive oil



-Tablespoon brown sugar

-Half an onion

-2 yellow squashes

Start by filling the base of a pan with olive oil, about 1-2cm deep, and heat it up at a very low heat. Add a couple dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Mix it up in the pan and let it heat up a little. While your ingredients heat up, mince half an onion and place it into the pan. The onions will caramelize and have a beautiful darkened color. As the onions caramelize, chop up two squashes and place them in the pan. You can cook them to your preference. We prefer the veggies to have a slight crunch, so we pan-fried the squash until they warmed and slightly softened, but still had a crisp finish. The yellow squash came out delightful! For two people who desperately try to incorporate vegetables in their daily meals, but struggles with the actual taste, this recipe is a lovely addition.