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Today is the Ocmulgee Indian Celebration! It is a great way to explore Ocmulgee National Monument and learn more about Indian cultures through dances, music, crafts, food, and more. Each year the powwow is in September at Ocmulgee, and groups from all over the Southeast come together to participate in individual and group performances. For those who haven’t been to a powwow, it is an incredible experience! Each group has different dances that have various meanings, and the dances help to reflect overall differences in cultures. One of the dances performed by the Choctaw, who are known for being a kind group, was the tick dance, reflecting their sweet nature as they slowly work together to search for ticks in a calming, repetitive dance. Other dances are the hoop dance, one of the most popular dances, that incorporates hula hoops into different shapes, dancing, and the beating of the drums. While the dancing is the main portion of the event, there are also booths set up all around. These booths include traditional Native American foods, demonstrations of Native American life, and goods and crafts available to purchase. The Ocmulgee Indian Celebration brings together various Indian groups to help share their culture and celebrate with one another the unique cultures of each Native American group.