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12 Men went to spy on Canaan. Ten were bad and two were good. What did they see when they got to Canaan? Ten were bad and two good! Some saw giants big and tall! Some saw grapes and clusters fall. Some saw the Lord in it all. Ten were bad and two were good.

The above song describes a story from the Bible, but it also helps to understand where the name 12 Spies came from. 12 Spies Vineyards is named after the Bible story where 12 Israelites went to explore the Promised Land and, in the story, the spies find large clusters of grapes that help to reflect the fruitful land. Grapes become a center piece for the story, making it a perfect name for a winery!

12 Spies is located in Rabun Gap, GA, which is in the top right corner of Georgia, near the North Carolina and South Carolina borders. Although it is a little bit further than other wineries, there are a few in the area, and the mountains there are absolutely incredible! We visited one weekend when we were exploring a couple state parks up north and decided to stop by a few wineries as well, including 12 Spies, and we were not disappointed. Since the winery is further away there were fewer people trekking from Atlanta for a wine tasting, making it a much more relaxed, laid-back experience. Additionally, people were extremely friendly and unlike anyone else we had met in Georgia thus far. When we visited we partook in a standard wine tasting and really enjoyed both the atmosphere and the wine. A lot of the wines have religious affiliated names, fitting well with the name. We enjoyed their wines, and they had a couple of decent red wines, which is our personal preference. They grow cabernet franc, malbec, tannat, and traminette grapes there and have wines that highlight each of these grapes. We purchased their Promised Land Syrah, which was quite tasty, but we thoroughly enjoyed them all.  The North Georgia wine country continues to impress us and, although 12 Spies and the surrounding wineries are a little bit further of a drive, we definitely found the haul to be worth it.


Tip: We advise that if you plan on making multiple stops along the Georgia Wine Trail, perhaps split a wine tasting with a significant other or a friend to ensure you get all of your tastes in, but are safe.