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This week we are going to be traveling the North Georgia wine trail. So please join us for a fun week of wine explorations!

Wolf Mountain Vineyards is located in the Dahlonega area, set within the beautiful north Georgia mountains. It’s hard to beat Wolf Mountain’s setting-the winery is located in a large building with a plethora of windows and spacious porches. This is where you are able to stare at the beautiful mountains, the trees opening up to reveal mountains upon mountains in the distance. We’ve found the views from the winery some of the best in our numerous adventures in north Georgia.


The interior of the winery is spacious, yet warm, with lots of wood to add to the natural setting in the mountains. Wolf Mountain is a popular winery, however, so if you are looking for a more quiet, intimate experience like we usually do, this might not be the winery to go to-it was quite crowded when we were there.

Wolf Mountain specializes in white wines, rosés, and sparkling wines. These aren’t our favorite wines, and we found Wolf Mountain’s wines to be too sweet for our tastes, but if you prefer white wines and rosés you might enjoy Wolf Mountain’s selections.

Wolf Mountain is located in a beautiful and scenic location and, if you enjoy white wines, it might be the perfect place for your next Saturday afternoon excursion.


Tip: Saturdays on the Georgia Wine Trail are crowded so be prepared! We recommend getting to the wineries early or going on a separate day if you don’t like crowds.