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We love learning about American history and, although we often gloss over it in history classes, a huge part of the history of the United States is mining. Located near Scranton, PA is Lackawanna Coal Mine, which provides visitors with the opportunity to explore a once functioning mine and learn more about the mining industry. You will be taken down the mine and given a thorough and informative tour. Make sure you bring a jacket though as it gets quite chilly down there! Mining conditions were often deplorable and those who worked in them barely made any money, but it was the only job they could find. Often times, miners were recent immigrants and visiting Lackawanna Coal Mine helps us to understand more about the life of an American immigrant. There is a museum at the mine site as well that teaches visitors more about the everyday life of a miner and their family, with a plethora of artifacts. The mine is set in a beautiful mountainous Pennsylvania setting, making it a perfect afternoon activity to learn more about American history and see some incredible views.