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Tomorrow is Labor Day! The majority of Americans have the day off and are able to spend time with family and friends so get ready to grill out and explore! Ocmulgee National Monument is a great option to spend your Labor Day at because you can learn more about America’s history and get some fresh air and exercise. The site is located about a hour and a half south of Atlanta, making it an ideal day trip. Ocmulgee is a Mississippian Indian site that is part of other sites throughout the United States, including another site north of Atlanta, Etowah Mounds. The Mississippian Indians lived from around 800 A.D. to 1600 A.D. No one is entirely certain what exactly happened to the Mississippians; however, it is believed that some tribes today may be descendants of the Mississippians, such as the Cherokee. Mississippian sites often consisted of large earthen structures that were built for the elite or to serve as directional guides. The largest site, Cahokia Mounds, is located just east of St. Louis, but mound sites span a large portion of the United States and reflect the complex trade network of the Mississippian people. Ocmulgee National Monument has a rather sizeable mound, and a unique feature is that underneath the mound there is a room that was used for ceremonies. Visitors can climb to the top of the mound, as well as go in and explore the inside of the mound. To learn more about the Mississippians, the park also has a visitors center which has a museum and gift shop. Additionally, the park has several trails throughout the park for you to go hiking and explore. Ocmulgee National Monument makes a great day trip to explore the United States, learn more about Mississippian Indians, and hike.


Site Note: You can get a National Park Passport stamp!