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Items Needed:

  1. Plank of wood
  2. Sand paper
  3. Wood stain
  4. Polyurethane
  5. Paint

First you will want to purchase/cut wood that is the size that you would like as an accent piece. We used a 10 inch wide, 1 foot long, and 1 inch thick poplar plank; however, we have used oak as well for other projects that came out beautifully. Next we sanded the wood until it was smooth as silk, or as smooth as you can get it. We then stained the wood. Staining can be a fun part of the process because you can pick whatever stain shade you like to create a light airy piece or perhaps a dark hearth-like piece or some other beautiful color in between. After the stain dried we applied 2 separate coats of polyurethane to preserve and protect the piece. Once the polyurethane dries then you can add whatever saying, sentiment, or names you would like to create a heartfelt centerpiece. We both found it to be a nice accent piece for any room or on a table to place wedding presents around.