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One of the closer wineries to the Atlanta area, but definitely not lacking quality, is Yonah Mountain Winery. The Georgia mountains are not only picturesque, but known for their wine. One of the unique features of the Georgia mountains is that the landscape actually is suitable for Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which is our personal favorite. Yonah Mountain uses Cabernet grapes in several of their wines. We have visited quite a few of the wineries that are part of the Georgia wine trail now, and Yonah Mountain Winery thus far has been one of the most impressive. The have very sophisticated wines with developed flavors and tastes by blending varieties of grapes to create beautifully crafted wines. The exquisite wines are reflected in the cost of the wines, however, as Yonah Mountain wines are probably one of the most expensive wines in the Georgia Mountain region. Yonah Mountain not only has delicious wines though; it is set among the Georgia mountains and provides visitors with not only a tasty treat, but some incredible views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We highly recommend visiting Yonah Mountain Winery for a superb wine tasting in the South and some picturesque scenery.