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Not too far north of Atlanta, Red Top Mountain State Park provides visitors with the opportunity to get out of the city and participate in numerous recreational activities. The park is only about a 45 minute drive out of the city, making it ideal for some fresh air and fun.  Red Top Mountain offers hiking, boating, swimming, biking, fishing, archery, mini golf and more. The park is surrounded almost entirely by Allatoona Lake leading to incredible views for those visiting the park. Throughout the park are miles of trails, with different lengths, allowing you to hike the distance you create. The lakes, forests, and mountain really allow you to feel as if you are getting out of the city and experiencing nature. We hiked a combination of a couple trails and found them to be extremely enjoyable. The ground was primarily soft pine needles and soft slopes, making for ideal hiking terrain. Red Top Mountain State Park was one of our favorite state parks thus far, and we encourage those in Atlanta seeking some peace, quiet, and natural views should visit!