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The Atlanta Greek Festival has been a staple Atlanta festival since 1974 and allows visitors to learn more about Greek culture and the Greek Orthodox church. Each year the festival is held at the end of September and is a great kick-off to the fall festival season in Atlanta. The festival is in the the North Druid Hills neighborhood and is at a beautiful orthodox church.

Although there are different types of orthodox, the Atlanta Greek festival is primarily Greek Orthodox. For some people the Greek Orthodox church is a place of worship and for others it is more of a cultural center, a way to continue to be part of Greek culture whether they are descendants of Greek immigrants or recent immigrants. The festival helps to provide both Greeks and non-Greeks the opportunity to come together and learn more about a fascinating culture.


The event is so widely popular that there is actually a bus shuttle service for visitors. So, although parking is often a hassle in Atlanta, this event makes getting there a little bit easier. The festival offers food, music, games, shopping, entertainment, and the opportunity to tour the church. Behind the church is a large parking lot with a stage that dancers and singers perform on, and surrounding the parking lot are a variety of different food vendors. The menu is extremely diverse and allows visitors to try a wide range of Greek food. There are several spits roasting lamb and an entire cafeteria filled with delicious bakery goods, including delicious baklava. In the lower level is a smaller stage and rows of booths selling a plethora of goods, including, but not limited to, jewelry, scarves, clothes, paintings, and more. Visitors can also tour the church and learn more about the Greek Orthodox Church. We also watched a short, but very fascinating video on the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, also known as the patriarch of the orthodox church, who lives in Turkey. The video was extremely informative and we learned more about the diverse world we live in. We both love learning about new cultures and history. Cultural events and festivals help visitors to learn more about different groups of people. We both enjoyed learning more about Greek culture and history and will continue to seek out news way to learn more about the world.