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A lesser known farmer’s market in Atlanta is the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market, but it definitely does not disappoint as it provides visitors with the ability to purchase a diverse array of goods from all over the globe. We had never heard of the market, but our neighbors who immigrated to the United States told us that they frequent there and recommended we visit. The market is located off of Buford at the intersection of the Perimeter in Doraville. The Dekalb Farmer’s Market is extremely popular in Atlanta and promotes diverse food from around the world, but we actually found that the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market offered a wider range of rare food. The market is large and has sections for practically every cultural region, making it ideal for recent immigrants to have a little bit of home or those who want to try new foods/recipes. Everything is rather organized and labelled by geographic area or cultural region. The market also has massive produce, grain, meat, and dessert sections. We were actually able to find marlenka, a traditional Czech/Turkish cake that we have been searching for for years! Additionally, the market offers cooking classes to allow you to try new recipes from around the world that you can then take home and try yourself. The market is so large you could spend an entire afternoon searching out new products from around the world and try out a new recipe!