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A simple little craft for those who are into the beer scene and have a large collection of beer caps from exclusive beers they want to show off is turning them into magnets. We have a large, very large, beer cap collection and are trying to find ways to reuse them and remember all the rare beers we have had the privilege to try. Combining a couple rare beer caps with some unique beer caps we collected, we came up with a fun way to hang up wedding announcements, holiday cards, or any other collectables.

Items Needed:

-Beer caps

-Glue gun & glue

-Small magnets

This project is very simple and only takes a few minutes, so grab your glue gun and have a project done in moments! Simply apply glue with the glue gun to the inside of the beer caps and attach the small magnets. Allow the glue to dry and then hang up whatever mementos you would like on your fridge with your new decorative magnets.