Peppers are perhaps one of our absolute favorite foods, and we constantly are throwing them into whatever recipe we are making. Typically we prefer them raw, but in an attempt to mix up our menu we decided to mix them together with some of our other favorites and ended up with a delicious little dish.

Items Needed:

Olive Oil (drizzle)

Garlic (4 cloves)

Pepper (sprinkle)

Peppers (as in the vegetable-we used the mini peppers)

Mint, Chives, Dill, & Oregano.

Balsamic vinegar (drizzle)

Mozzarella (fresh)

Start by putting some olive oil into a pan on low just to heat it up a little. While the olive oil is getting warmer, chop up the cloves of garlic and then add them to the pan. After you have added the garlic, turn up the heat a little more to get the garlic to cook a little. Next sprinkle in a dash of pepper. As the olive oil, garlic and pepper mixture heat up, begin to chop the peppers up into fairly small pieces. We used the mini peppers which presented nicer that simply dicing up large peppers. During the time we chopped the peppers we continued to add them to the pan to help create a variety in the textures of the peppers, making some soft and others still having some crunch. Afterwards we sprinkled in mint, chives, dill, & oregano; however, you can use your preference of spices. The mint, chives, dill, and oregano may sound like an odd combination, but the flavors emerged at different points while you were eating the dish making it quite tasty. Initially you tasted the dill, but then the chives and oregano set in as you chewed, with a finish of minty after taste. We next drizzled balsamic vinegar into the dish, which really enhanced the other flavors to our surprise. After you drizzle the balsamic vinegar in, mix it up quickly and then remove from the heat. Once you remove the pepper dish, place freshly cut mozzarella on top. The mozzarella will melt in slightly to the dish and create a perfect blend of texture and flavors.